Heating and Air Conditioning

for Mobile Heavy Equipment  

Workers' comfort, achived by Heating and Air Conditioning is important to maximizing profits

In the Canadian North and many places worldwide, temperatures go to extremes. Whatever the weather, Polar can heat it up or cool it down.

To keep the wheels of the industry moving in all kinds of weather conditions - extremely hot or extremely cold - while reducing expensive down-time and operating costs there is Polar Mobility Research Ltd.

We keep Mining, Military and Construction equipment working! If it is for operator comfort or equipment functionality we can handle it!

Since 1981 Polar Mobility Research Ltd has been dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilating systems for heavy duty mobile equipment including highway trucks, off highway vehicles, oilfield equpment, boom trucks, logging machinery, military, mining equipment... We specialize in custom design and manufacture of unique and special purpose HVAC solutions.

Hydraulic Air Conditioners

Check out our Line of Hydraulic Air Conditioners featuring Non-Electric Fully Hydraulic Systems designed for 60°C or 140°F ambient environments!

Espar Fuel Fired Air Heaters

Check out our full line of Espar Fuel Fired Coolant and Espar Fuel Fired Air Heaters! Engine heaters burning fuel maintain a warm, easy to start engine when a truck is parked or when machinery is shut down. Compact and efficient air heaters maintain comfortable thermostatically controlled temperatures in sleeper cabs and cargo spaces.

Anti Idling with Fuel and Cost savings.

Battery powered air conditioning and heating systems maintain desired temperatures with the engine "off" thus saving fuel and significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Combined auxiliary generator/air conditioning units provide standby heating, cooling and 110 VAC electrical power when truck and equipment engines are stopped.

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